About Dr. Lee

Dr. Robert Paul Lee


As an osteopathic physician, R. Paul Lee, DO, graduated from the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas City, MO in May 1976.  He went to Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus, OH for a year-long rotating internship for additional training in Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Internal Medicine and other medical specialties in preparation for independent general practice.  For two years, at the beginning of his general practice career, he worked in Oskaloosa, KS in the National Health Service Corps, a federal program matching Doctors with medically disadvantaged communities.

From there he went to Sandy, OR to establish a new general practice with staff privileges at two hospitals in Portland, OR.  He worked fulltime in his office and at the hospital delivering babies and assisting in surgeries for his patients from 1979 to 1985 when he sold his practice to pursue a residency in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) at the original osteopathic college in Kirksville, MO, the AT Still University.  With this training, he changed his career to full time osteopathic manipulative treatment.

Upon completion of the Residency in 1986, he trained in acupuncture under the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.  He returned to Portland, OR to join the staff at the Department of Osteopathic Services at Eastmoreland Hospital where he provided osteopathic manipulative treatment and acupuncture.  After three years, he assumed the position of director of the department.  Then, in 1991, he moved to Durango, where he remains today, practicing OMM exclusively.

Dr. Lee continues to learn and to teach his colleagues about this specialized field of manual medicine, in which he emphasizes cranial manipulation.  This form of manual medicine is subtle but potent because it assists the body in healing itself.  By engaging primary respiration, a fluid dynamic that palpably breathes life and health into all cells and tissues, Dr. Lee has a grasp on how the body heals itself, and he intentionally assists it in his work.  Wherever that breathing is diminished or distorted, Dr. Lee uses his hands to direct the body’s healing function through manipulation of tissues and fluids.  The primary goal is to regain balance in an unbalanced / unhealthy situation through realigning the body’s structure to the finest degree.  In doing so, treatment embraces the body’s energetic aspects which always partner with physical aspects.

Dr. Lee has developed some important innovations in the field which he teaches to his colleagues and students in the US and abroad: 1) how to treat chronic inflammation in the body by addressing the central autonomic network in the brain to improve the parasympathetic influence of the vagus nerve, which diminishes the secretion of cytokines from white blood cells, thereby reducing general inflammation in the body; 2) how to release adhesions of the arachnoid membranes which surrounds the central nervous system and contains the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  This treatment promotes the distribution of nourishing CSF to the location of the adhesion affecting the nervous system.  This treatment also sends CSF through the perineural sheaths – channels surrounding all nerves – throughout the entire body, thereby delivering an important element the cells require in health; 3) how to treat the effects of concussions in the skull and its contents: the brain, meninges, and vessels; and 4) how to elicit information from the body about what is out of balance and how to correct it.