M-Element: Summary and Comment

Author: R. Paul Lee, DO, FAAO, FCA

October 2022

Our knowledge is like that of the electrician

who merely knows that the potent current, or M-element,

is present and that he is learning how to utilize its force.

(Sutherland, Contributions of Thought, 273.)

I have for years carried this unanswered question that hopefully, this paper answers, ‘How does the intangible Breath of Life stimulate the tangible fluctuation of fluid?’ According to the originator of the cranial concept, Dr. W.G. Sutherland the Tide, the basis of the cranial concept, generates from the effects of the Breath of Life.

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Remote Treatment

Remote Treatment – Zoom Conference – Study Group – July 30, 2020

Author: R. Paul Lee, DO, FAAO, FCA


Osteopathy finds its soul in nature. Dr. Still employed natural principles to found a new form of medicine. He recognized that structure and function were married in nature and in mankind. He recognized that even the slightest variance from normal structure caused dysfunction and disease, the basis of his new philosophy.

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