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Remote Treatment – Zoom Conference – Study Group – July 30, 2020

Author: R. Paul Lee, DO, FAAO, FCA


Osteopathy finds its soul in nature. Dr. Still employed natural principles to found a new form of medicine. He recognized that structure and function were married in nature and in mankind. He recognized that even the slightest variance from normal structure caused dysfunction and disease, the basis of his new philosophy.


Dr. Still further understood that function preceded structure. Read Text Book of the Principles of Osteopathy (1903) by Guy Hulett, DO who taught Osteopathic Principles when Dr. Still was active in the American School of Osteopathy. “There is an ongoing force that lies back of all structure,” he wrote. “That force is unknown but it represents an action, an energy, a function. In this sense we are justified in insisting that function is a cause of structure.” Thus, we can see that from the earliest teachings at the ASO, Osteopathic philosophy instructed that energy/function preceded material manifestation /structure. Function was a cause of structure. The abstract, unknown realm of potential created the tangible. As we shall see in a moment, this is a basic principle of the Zero Point Field recognized by physics.


Dr. Still said in Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy that biogen fulfilled the minimal material requirements for life. Once water contained the minimal requirements of cells, vessels, nerves and ground substance, life was possible. Biogen contained both energy and matter, both function and structure, both spirit and tissue.

We feel function in biogen when we palpate fluid fluctuation. Fluctuation of fluid is indeed an energetic phenomenon. I propose that we can combine Sutherland’s proposition about fluctuation of fluid as a basic function of Still’s basic tissue, biogen. Dr. Sutherland said that the fluctuation was the product of the Breath of Life — potency, or to use Dr. Still’s words, the Life Force.

Fluid fluctuation, I interpret from Dr. Still, is a fundamental expression of the reciprocity between what he called Celestial and Terrestrial. The reciprocity of the celestial worlds and the terrestrial worlds is to be found in biogen, the union of spirit and matter with water as the primary mediator/medium. Adding ideas from Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, fluid fluctuation delivers Health, expresses Intelligence, and in terms of physics, delivers information. It also delivers nutrients to parenchymal cells, initiates metabolism within them, and drains waste products from them.

Dr. Still said in Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy, that the human was triune, made of Mind, Matter, and Motion – body, mind, and spirit, in today’s lexicon. Structure and function are synonyms for Matter and Motion. They make these two components of Still’s terms understandable. But, what about mind?


Still said that Mind governs “this great engine of life.” Still often referred to greater mind, “The mind of the great Architect.” But, in the following quotation he considers the individual mind, as well. “First, there is the material body; second, the spiritual being; third, a being of mind which is far superior to all vital motions and material forms, whose duty is to wisely manage this great engine of life.” (16-17)

Dr. Still placed Mind in the world of the Celestial Father. It reciprocates with Matter in the world of the Terrestrial Mother to create Biogen, life in Motion. These three elements of nature are the basis of his Osteopathic philosophy. Motion we know to be fluctuation of fluid, metabolism, and gross motor movement, to name three. Mind operates to “wisely manage” this whole scenario.

MIND, both greater mind and individual mind, might be characterized by some of the following:


The function of Mind was familiar and well-founded for Dr. Still. He, his parents, and other relatives were clairvoyant. Both he and his father knew when they were needed and went by horseback for miles to care for people without receiving a verbal or written notification. There they might find an acute injury or a baby being delivered. His brother in Macon, MO knew of family affairs in Kansas before word came from them.

Dr. Still reported to Harry Chiles, DO that ships were being sunk near Cuba, during the Spanish American War two days before the news arrived. Dr, Still read people’s minds to entertain crowds that gathered when he was an itinerant magnetic healer and bonesetter, especially in Hannibal, MO. Dr. Still attended Spiritualist seances in which they communicated with discarnate spirits and he reported it gave “comfort to his soul.”

Dr. Still said, “The x-ray by tremendously increasing the vibration brings to light what is beneath the surface. Why can we not train our minds to do it?” (Hildreth, 444)

Dr. Still said, “Keep an image of normal anatomy in your mind as a painter keeps the image of the beast or scene he wishes to represent with his brush.”

Mind includes, among other things,

  1. Attention and intention, which are outgoing;
  2. Perception, incoming;
  3. Contemplation, which occurs within.
  4. Intelligence, which is all three.
  5. Memory, adds the dimension of time.


The above mental attributes are attractors in the realm of mathematics, social sciences and physics. Attractor, DEF: “A set of states towards which a system will naturally gravitate and remain cycling through unless perturbed.” DEF: In mathematics – “A set of numerical values toward which a system tends to evolve, for a wide variety of starting conditions of the system.” In short, an attractor organizes a system’s behavior.

Mental attributes, attention, perception, intention, intelligence, and memory are all attractors. They organize behavior.

Attention upon an image of normal anatomy is an attractor. The image of normal anatomy, an energy field of thought, entrains with another energetic field, the Template or pattern of original function for the human body and therefore the original configuration of the body. The template is information held in wave vibrations in the Zero Point Field. It is a field, a pattern of charge, representing original function.


Simply, information is a “resolution of uncertainty.” But it gets a lot more interesting than that. Information identifies the nature and characteristics of an entity. Information is associated with data, data that is in context, with meaning attached. Information is the content of a message, while that which is perceived can be construed as a message. It is meaning through observation.

Information Science monitors input to a system or organism. Input such as light is information — but to plants, information is causal, as it builds tissue and creates energy for the plant to carry out its activities of life. In physics, information composes the entirety of the physical world. In mathematics, patterns of values describe everything from particles to fields, biological entities to consciousness, even to the multiverse, itself. Information constitutes the Zero Point Field.


The Zero Point Field is an infinite field of waveforms of virtual “particles” that underly all material reality. The ZPF displays no thermal energy as it is at absolute zero, and no material form existing in a complete vacuum. The ZPF connects everything to everything, made up of infinite fields, all relating to each other. These fields of pure energy store information for the entire universe. Everything that has ever happened, formed, or been considered is registered in these vibrations of energy. The ZPF is infinite, non-local, timeless, made of pure energy. But, occasionally, for an infinitesimally short time a virtual particle in the ZPF emerges as a physical elementary particle, winking on and off into the material domain and then immediately disappearing as a virtual particle back into the void. The winking on and off of physical elementary particles out of the ZPF offers a means for the creation of material reality. This is how function precedes structure. Functions are held in waveforms in the ZPF from which structures are created in the physical dimension.

Because the ZPF is infinite, purely energetic, without constraints regarding time or location, it is readily available as a reference for material reality. I propose that this reference function of the ZPF helps us in osteopathic treatments. The Breath of Life, a totally energetic phenomenon, can express itself as information that impacts material reality. The original function of human metabolism and organ function — I like to call it a Template — can make the same leap from pure energy into actual form to house these functions we know so well from physiology and anatomy. Further, the image of normal anatomy held in the mind of the osteopath harmonizes with the Template of the original function of the human form; both of these operate on a purely energetic level within the ZPF: creating positive interference patterns; waves of both the template and the mental image are additive. This collaboration of fields enhances POTENCY.


Potency is the ability of fluid to do work. It is composed of several energetic characteristics: hydrologic (mechanical), electrochemical (charge), Life Force/Breath of Life (spirit), and probably others that we haven’t discovered. Potency is the energy of self-healing. Potency relies on Information we name “Intelligence,” in addition to the Template to perform its work. It delivers vitality (Life Force). It delivers Health (normal function). Through water, it moves distorted fibers of connective tissue to recreate the original configuration that operates in health. Water is the medium through which potency transmits its effects.


Water is the perfect medium to transmit Information from etheric (Celestial) to material (Terrestrial), from ZPF to patterns of connective tissue fibers. How does this work? Image and Template are both fields of energy. Water conforms to patterns of energy. Structured water is the product of charges of ions, on proteins, and other physiological membranes and organelles that shape the hydrogen bonding relationships of the double positive and double negative charge carried by each water molecule. The structure of water conforms to fields like the Template – a field representing original healthy function — or to the image of normal anatomy, a field for healthy structure/function. The Potency of the fluids apprehends healthy function through the Template of original function to recreate normal tissue structure.


Fulcra and vectors are attractors that organize function as well as dysfunction. A fulcrum is a point of stillness around which a lever turns and from which it receives its power. A vector is a line of force impacting and distorting tissue that is characterized by two mathematical terms: length (strength of force) and angle (direction of force). Attention (attractor) upon a fulcrum or a vector (attractors) organizes Potency. As I like to say, “Where the Mind goes, there is the Potency.”

One identifies a fulcrum by palpation. The tissues indicate the direction in which they were distorted by the force of the injury. One can often find a point of stillness around which the tissue is distorted. This stillness is the fulcrum. However, if the fender of the car hit a telephone pole, the fulcrum will be the distance and direction from the body that the telephone pole was when it impacted the car and its injured passenger. The distance and direction from the body describes a vector and the fulcrum is at that far end of the vector. This is how fulcra and vectors are related to each other. Identifying the vector not only requires palpation as a fulcrum requires, but also needs visualization, finding the direction and distance of this “arrow.”

The other way a fulcrum and vector are related is when a vector of force strikes a fulcrum, such as Sutherland’s fulcrum. Now the physiological function of the reciprocal tension membrane is distorted by the length and direction of the vector. To correct this problem, one must go to the distal end of the vector once again, where the force originated. Place your attention on the far (distal) end of the vector with the intention of resolving the force, and it will turn from “stone” to “sand” in a matter of moments and then washed away in a fluctuation of energetic fluid, allowing the fulcrum to be treated directly with greater ease and simplicity. If the vector comes from a past life, its length can travel through an enormous amount of time rendering a lengthy vector, but the same principle applies. Place your attention (attractor) at the distal end of the vector (attractor) and watch it disintegrate. Then, the somatic dysfunction in the body can be easily treated.

The fibers (piezoelectric) of healthy or distorted tissue all carry charge. The electrochemical nature of the pattern of charge has been dislocated from its ideal position by the traumatic force so that the pattern of function no longer harmonizes with its intended physical out picturing. As Hulett indicated to the early osteopathic students, the function suffers because the structure no longer ideally accommodates it. As the potency of the fluid apprehends the Template, the water transmits this information, The Intelligence of the Tide, through its specific pattern of hydrogen bonding to the fibers that restructure themselves electrochemically. The Potency of the water carries the Template (Intelligence), both being attractors, which influence the behavior of the water-fiber interface. This attractor activity electrochemically restores the fiber positions to their original conformation (from the template) to accommodate the healthy function for which they were intended. This is how the fluid delivers the Health. Now parenchymal cells can receive nutrients through a well-functioning extracellular matrix made of well-aligned collagen fibers. Vessels can flow and nerves can discharge appropriately. Organs can act as they were originally intended, as well. The unwinding of the tissues during osteopathic treatment is a manifestation of Potency and Intelligence.

The attractors: images, attention, intention, potency, and Template (Health and Intelligence) are all energetic phenomena. Likewise, the life force of Still and the Breath of Life of Sutherland are energetic. They represent information held in waveforms in the ZPF and utilized by biogen. Biogen is vitalized by the Breath of life or Life Force. Fluctuation of fluid is evidence of this vitality in biogen. Potency of the fluid is evidence of this vitalizing principle put to work by our imaging, intention, and attention. Fulcra and vectors of function and dysfunction serve to organize the life force, physiologically or pathologically.


Our visualization of the patient’s energy body opens the door for the application of these attractors, remotely. Since all these factors we have been discussing, these attractors are purely energetic, they do not require hands-on treatment to accomplish. They are directly all transferable to remote treatment. Using primary respiration, the same events occur in remote treatment as in hands-on treatment. We simply need to let go of our inhibitions around “Can I believe this,” or “Can I do this?”

After obtaining permission and agreeing that you will always obtain that before working on them, silently state the patient’s name. Observe their energy and then state, “show me.” You might want to have their energy show you what it is working on, what it needs help with, or you might want to make specific statements to see if you receive a “yes” or “no” response with a fluid fluctuation or no fluctuation, respectively. This is a demonstration of the Intelligence of the system. The querying can direct your treatment profoundly. I teach Primary Response Testing. This aspect of my approach has been vitally important to me and my patients over the years and cannot be replaced by any other modality.

Remote work is very similar to hands-on work. First and foremost, we must have the permission from the patient to work on them, whether in person or virtually. A difference for remote work is that the receiver of the treatment could feel vulnerable to undetected, unscheduled invasions of their energy from the osteopath. So, permission must be granted at each session with the understanding that the osteopath will always obtain permission before doing any work. I always have the patient call me, at the time of the appointment, thereby implying their permission automatically. Sometimes, it is harder to achieve mechanical releases. Sometimes the potency will be strong enough to release a stuck facet. Usually it will require telling the patient to move into a particular position to move the tissues so that a deep breath or a turn of the thorax can achieve the release.

Similarities between remote and in-person treatment.

Hands-on work is essentially energetic when engaging primary respiration. Primary Respiration is the product of the breath of life, an energetic phenomenon. When working on the body with our hands we engage an energetic phenomenon watching the fluctuation of fluid, stillness of fluid, changes of distortions in the tissues, all of which are possible because of the Potency of PRM, an energetic phenomenon. The Mind is an energetic phenomenon, as well. Attention places the energy of the Mind onto something. It could be tangible, visible, audible, gustatory, palpable and the like, but also intangible, such as ideas, thoughts, intentions, subtle energies. Whether in contact with the body or not, attention works as an energetic influence on the system, an attractor.

Give remote treatment a try. When you cannot do in-person work, this becomes a freeing addendum to your Osteopathic practice. Dr. Sutherland is quoted in a lecture appearing in Contributions of Thought, page 210: “Thinking-feeling-seeing-knowing fingers. By knowing, I mean not information gained by physical senses but a knowledge that comes from getting as far as one can from the physical sense.”

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