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The Cranial Letter, February 2019, Impact of the Tent

The Cranial Letter, May 2018, Lymphatics

The Cranial Letter, August 2017, Palpation: Electric or Magnetic?

The Cranial Letter, November 2016, Macular Degeneration

The Cranial Letter, February 2016, Find The Health

The Cranial Letter, February 2015, Autonomic Pistol

The Cranial Letter, August 2014, Treating Inflammation

The Cranial Letter, May 2014, Arachnoid Hyperplasia

The Cranial Letter, February 2014, Intelligence of the Tide

The Cranial Letter, August 2013, Sutherand Memorial Lecture Inspiration

The Cranial Letter, February 2010, Fluids

Explore, November / December 2008, The Living Matrix: A Model for the Primary Respiratory Mechanism

The Cranial Letter, May 2007, Fluids and Fibers

The AAO Journal, June 2005, Review of the Intelligent Body, pg 29

The Cranial Letter, February 2003, Fluids: Matter in Motion, Part 2

The Cranial Letter, November 2002, Fluids: Matter in Motion, Part 1

The Cranial Letter, May 2001, A Remarkable Case

The AAO Journal, Spring 2001, The Primary Respiratory Mechanism Beyond the Craniospinal Axis, pg 24

The AAO Journal, Winter 2000, Spirituality in Osteopathic Medicine, pg 31

The Cranial Letter, August 2000, Tensegrity

The Cranial Letter, May 1999, Report of the Meeting of the PRM Focus Group

The Cranial Letter, February 1999, Scientific Basis of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism Introduction and the Reasearch of W.G. Sutherland, DO