Author: R. Paul Lee, DO, FAAO, FCA

December 2022

“…see this highest known element in the human body

going out in that transmutation from the nerve cells

along the fibers to the terminal.”

[Sutherland COT, 200-1]

Dr. Sutherland proclaimed that transmutation, the act of changing into another form, was a feature of primary respiration especially during stillness. We can deduce that such stillness would display transmutation at a.) the pause between inhalation and exhalation of primary respiration, b.) an induced ‘stillpoint,’ or c.) a fulcrum around which a function or dysfunction is organized. These three states of stillness (and probably others), expressed by fluid and energy fields, all transmit the Breath of Life, the highest known element in the human body. “’It is the stillness of the Tide we seek,’ Dr. Sutherland would say, for in that stillness is the potency of the Tide” (Rollin Becker, Life in Motion, 30). Transmutation and the potency of the Breath of Life go together.

But, precisely what, you might ask, is the transmutation Dr. Sutherland was referring to? My search for the answer to this question was recently revealed as I explored using “Primary Response Testing.“ This personally successful method, confirmed and routinely used by other osteopaths, achieves otherwise unattainable explanations for natural phenomena including those relative to osteopathic principles and philosophy. Primary Response Testing (PRT) is a standardized method I developed in the shadow of the greats, John Harakal, Rollin Becker, Herbert Miller, and others who asked questions of the Tide during treatment. Rollin Becker was paramount among them and discussed using the Tide to obtain information from the body [Stillness of Life and Life in Motion, both edited by Rachel Brooks].

PRT is akin to applied kinesiology, but instead of receiving ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses from strong or weak muscles, respectively, the affirmative or negative responses come from the active (‘yes’) or inactive (‘no’) Tide, that is, from the Intelligence of the universe. The only caveat is for the observer to remain purely objective with no preconceived notion of the coming response. The operator must maintain a ‘professional separation’ from the patient or from the idea being examined. One also cannot be ‘switched’ nor can the patient if (s)he is in the testing loop. Learning these special intricacies to do this work and practicing over and over brings great certitude about the results of this testing method. Making the statement opposite to the one being examined also lends certitude when the response is in accord – opposite from the first response. One does not need a patient to learn from the universe, however. Some very consequential answers to ideas posed to this system occur from testing one’s own mechanism.

An important aspect of PRT is that it bridges the gap between spirit and matter. Dr. Still said, “The mind is asked to find the connection between the physical and the spiritual.” (PMPO, 249) The statements posed before the universe are mere thoughts (in the ‘spiritual’ realm) and the responses are a fluctuation of fluid (in the ‘material’ realm). Behind this fluid drive, however, is an electric potential, another material essence, that oscillates. Water follows the charge of the moving current of electricity giving us a fluid fluctuation.

Here are some examples of affirmative responses from the Tide:

Fluid fluctuation occurs in extracellular spaces; intracellular fluid fluctuation is secondary.

Fluid fluctuation is secondary to oscillation of electric potential.

Oscillating electric potential is a manifestation of photons.

Photons carry electromagnetic force, one of the four fundamental forces described by physics.

Photons spontaneously and randomly generate from the virtual photons of the zero-point field.

The zero-point field is composed of virtual particles in a flurry of undetectable intense activity.

The ZPF has no matter (vacuum) nor temperature (absolute zero), only virtual energy.

The ZPF is infinite with respect to time and space.

The ZPF contains memory of every function in the history of the universe.

The ZPF contains the creative force.

The ZPF contains Mind.

The Breath of Life resides in the zero-point field.

The Breath of Life transmits the creative force.

The Breath of Life transmits Intelligence of Mind.

The Breath of Life transmits the template of the original structure of the individual body.

Potency is an emissary of the Breath of Life.

Potency is represented by virtual photons (the potential for light).

Transmutation is represented by virtual photons becoming photons, from potential to reality.

Fluctuation of fluid is a manifestation in water of the electromagnetic force from real photons.

Read each of these above statements and check your own mechanism for a positive or negative response to confirm my exploration using PRT.

You have just bridged the gap between spirit and matter. You have learned about transmutation, fluid fluctuation, and light that underlies it all. You have also learned that mind plays a significant role in determining physical reality.

Dr. Still said, “All must have and cannot act without the highest known order of force (electricity), which submits to the voluntary and involuntary commands of life and mind, by which worlds are driven and beings move” (Autobiography, 195). The two unknowable elements of Dr. Still’s triad of creation (Mind, Matter, and Life), that is, “life and mind,” command electricity, as he says. Translating into Dr. Sutherland’s terminology, the Breath of Life and Intelligence produce the healing process. And light is involved in the transmutation. I perceive liquid light as health is restored to formerly dark, dysfunctional tissue.

To understand more fully what Dr. Sutherland meant by “going out in that transmutation from the nerve cells along the fibers to the terminal” please refer to the article, “M-Element,” which appears in my “Articles” section of my webpage: It discusses the oscillating direct current in the perineural space.

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